Dr. Curmi is an academic at the University of Malta, an industry consultant and conducts applied research in collaboration with various institutions. His current interdisciplinary research cuts across Marketing, Design and Computer Science. His latest work encompass the design and deployment of cutting-edge social network platforms that harness the emotional intelligence of distributed crowds in real-time. Dr. Curmi has a Master in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta and a Master in Digital Innovation from Lancaster University both completed with distinction.

Dr. Franco Curmi holds a Ph.D. from Lancaster University through the generous support of the UK Research Council Digital Economy Programme, the Lancaster University Management School and the Lancaster University School of Computing and Communications. Before this, he held managing positions in technology-based companies where he provided services for clients including CNN, Sony and Philips among others. Research work was published and presented in leading academic fora and reviewed in international media outlets such as The Times UK, AAAS, Discovery Channel among others.

Areas of interest

  • Digital Innovation (PhD)
  • Digital Marketing and Accessibility at Scale
  • Social Contagion in Online Networks and Virality
  • Online Behaviour across product, service or policy lifecycle