An Academic

at the intersection of Marketing, Data Science and Innovation

Dr. Curmi is an academic with consulting experience focusing on applications at the intersection of Marketing, Data Science and Innovation


Dr. Curmi holds a Ph.D. from Lancaster University through the generous support of the UK Research Council Digital Economy Programme, the Lancaster University Management School and the Lancaster University School of Computing and Communications. Dr. Curmi has a Master in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta and a Master in Digital Innovation from Lancaster University both completed with distinction. Before this, he held managing positions in technology-based companies where he provided services for clients including SKY, Sony, and Philips among others.

Dr. Curmi has developed IOT devices and applications to facilitate remote social support and designed processes to understand online crowd behaviour. His work includes the design and deployment of HeartLink, a social network platform that harnesses the emotional intelligence of distributed crowds in real-time and BioShare, a research tool for sharing physiological data over online social networks. Work was published and presented in leading academic fora and reviewed in international media outlets such as The Times UK, AAAS, Discovery Channel, and others.

Dr. Curmi lead the setting up and coordinates the MSc in Strategic Management and Digital Marketing programme at the University of Malta. He also supervises MSc, MBA and PhD students in Digital Marketing. In industry, Dr. Curmi has provided consultancy services for over thirty organisations including start-ups in emerging technology, publishers and NGO’s.


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